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Shooting Lessons

At Covey Rise Lodge, it’s our mission to build a better environment for Louisiana residents, who express an interest in the sport of shooting.
Covey Rise Shooting Lessons

We’re All About What We Do Here

At Covey Rise Lodge, we take the sport of target shooting very seriously. Our shooting lessons aim to build a stronger appreciation for target shooting within our state, nurture relationships with our members, and improve local offerings for target shooting. Covey Rise Lodge is proud to offer shooting lessons for learners of all skill levels. We work with a talented and renowned group of teachers who can help you take your shooting skills to the next level. Our lessons are open to gun club members, as well as non-members.

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Become a Member of Louisiana's Premier Gun Club

Are you determined to solidify your interest in shotgun sports? Then, it sounds like you need to be a member of our Gun Club.

Take a Walk on the Lodge Side?

The Main Luxury Lodge at Covey Rise Lodge serves as the jewel atop the crown that is our 600-acre property.

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