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Welcome to the Real Sportsman’s Paradise

Covey Rise Lodge brings patrons a full-service hunting experience, with luxe cabin rentals, on-site dining, and resort-style amenities.
Covey Rise Lodge cabins by the lake.
The interior of Covey Rise Lodge's main lodge cabin with table and chairs.
Covey Rise Lodge duck flying over the water.
Covey Rise Lodge dog sitting on a trailer in a field.
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We Like to Host Events— and Plan Them

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Living Lodge in Louisiana

Company-wide retreats. Corporate team-building events. Family reunions & getaways. These are the types of events, meetings, and gatherings that Covey Rise Lodge, a Louisiana-owned lodge that offers hunting, cabins for rent, premium amenities, and sustainable food options to the restaurant & hospitality industry, has prided itself on hosting for over 20 years. We’re a local business rooted in our community and have built our mission around the concept of reconnecting with the outdoors and adding a bit of “play” to your jam-packed schedule.


We’re Inspired by the Pelican State

The atmosphere of Covey Rise Lodge is inspired by the spirit of South Louisiana. We wanted to create a place where people could come together, enjoy leisure activities, and appreciate the precious treasures of the Great Louisianian Outdoors. As the essence of our vibrant, culture-rich state is woven into the fabric of Covey Rise, it shines through everything we do— whether it’d be the food we serve, the joyful events we host, or the quality hunting offerings we provide.

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Discover the Love of the Hunt

Whether you’re interested in quail, pheasant, duck, or big game hunting, Covey Rise Lodge seamlessly presents every part of the sport to our patrons for the ultimate outdoor experience.

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Corporate team-building events

Perfect Your Team-Building Strategy

Team-building is an art form that is ever-changing. One aspect that remains the same, however, is the need for the perfect atmosphere. At Covey Rise Lodge, we take pride in nurturing professional relationships through outdoor recreation, fine dining, and more.

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Five-Star Experiences

"The best dinner and cocktails in Tangi"

Beth Jenkins