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Cabin rentals

Are you looking for the perfect cabin rentals in Louisiana? Our cabins combine fine craftsmanship and undeniable elegance to create comfortable, serene lodging.
Cabin rentals in Louisiana

Recreation Is Always in Season

Rest & relaxation is often sacrificed for responsibilities, commitments, and productivity— but nothing is more important than taking care of yourself in the midst of a schedule full of demands. Good thing that Covey Rise Lodge offers cabin rentals year-round on a stunning 600-acre property outside of Husser, Louisiana. Guests can participate in a host of outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, nature hikes, swimming, and more. We have the ability to accommodate events, meetings, fundraisers, parties, and beyond.

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Any Corporate Team’s Obvious Dream Retreat

Design an all-new type of retreat for your company, where teams are built and relationships are made.

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Take a Walk on the Lodge Side?

The Main Luxury Lodge at Covey Rise Lodge serves as the jewel atop the crown that is our 600-acre property.

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