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Duck, Quail, Chukar &
Pheasant Hunt
Covey Rise season: Oct. 15-Apr. 15

Covey Rise Lodge is known for the best upland bird hunting in Louisiana. We cater to seasoned quail and duck hunters, as well as those new to the game with our experienced guides, world-class bird dogs and a mix of beautiful, strong-flying waterfowl and upland birds for every occasion and skill level.
Duck, Quail, & Pheasant Hunt

Bird Hunting at Its Finest

No matter what type of bird hunting you prefer, at Covey Rise Lodge, you’ll have access to expert guides, masterful gun dogs, and an array of hunting adventure selections. We welcome families, friends, coworkers, clubs, and organizations to join us for some five-star outdoor recreation. Whether you choose from the quail, duck, or pheasant hunting package, you can expect a trip that will create lasting memories and unforgettable experiences. As a preserve, our hunting season begins on October 15th each year and ends on April 15th.

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