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Event Space rentals

The secluded atmosphere of Covey Rise Lodge’s property provides the perfect setting for your corporate team-building event, meeting, or gathering.
Covey Rise Event Space rentals

We’re a Job Perk Within Itself

If you decide to host your event at Covey Rise Lodge, your group will get to experience nature in a way that is extremely rare and special. We are far enough removed from the metropolitan areas that you’ll start to feel relaxed within moments of arrival. We encourage you to get to business once you settle in, but don’t forget to add a whole lot of play with our hunting excursions, sports shooting, walking trails, fine dining, and more! You’ll find everything you need to lead a successful corporate meeting—short or long-term—at our location in Husser, Louisiana.

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Take a Walk on the Lodge Side?

The Main Luxury Lodge at Covey Rise Lodge serves as the jewel atop the crown that is our 600-acre property.

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