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Covey Rise Event
Registration and Credit Card Payments are required in advance.
 You may pay with PayPal or email kara@coveyriselodge.com to pay  with your credit card AFTER you have registered online and Kara will contact you regarding your payment information. Cash payments will not be accepted on-site.

Blue Main - 100 birds - $70

Green Main - 100 birds - $50

5-stand - 50 birds - $40

Subgauges - 50 birds - $35

Lunch is included with the purchase of  a Main Course. Additional lunches for your guest are $7.00.

There is a warm-up station available for $5.00

You must shoot the Blue Course in order to shoot the Green Course.

Shooting must be completed and scorecards turned in by 4:00 pm.

The following protocols are being put in place by Covey Rise Lodge in an attempt to keep our members, their families, and our communities as safe as possible from infection by the Covid 19 virus.

1) Anyone who believes he/she may have been exposed to Covid 19 should avoid coming to the range for a period of at least 14 days after that exposure. If any symptoms are present during that time stay away until you are certain that you have not been infected.

2) Everyone on CRL ranges is urged to wear a mask which covers nose and mouth.

3) Guest are encouraged to bring sanitizer and or wipes to use at each station and on golf carts.

4) Everyone using the ranges is expected to maintain a minimum of 6-feet of separation.

5) Occupancy restrictions for the ranges are as follows:

Sporting Clay Course – no more than 4 occupants at a time per station.

5-stand range – no more than 6 occupants at a time.

6) Waiting area: In the event that occupancy of the range which you wish to use is already at the above limitations, guest should wait well away from the firing line and maintain at least 6-feet of separation.

8) Guest are encouraged to bring their own ink pen to be used for score taking.

9) Disinfectant bottles have been placed inside each bathroom. Guest who utilize the bathrooms are asked to spray down any areas which they may have touched. Just prior to leaving the bathroom guest should thoroughly wash their hands using soap and water.

We Cater to All Types of Corporate Meetings!

Our main rental lodge and cabins can be used to accommodate up to 45 guests combined with all meals provided.

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